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Steps Toward Management

You may call or email us for information on getting started. We will need to speak with you to discuss your property, our fees and your needs. Much of the initial information we need can be found on the internet by searching public records and maps/satellite photos etc... During our call, we will set an appointment to inspect your property before we can sign you up for services. This will allow us to verify condition and to be able to address any habitability or marketing condition issues.

The next step will be completing and signing the Exclusive Leasing & Management Agreement with all property owners. State law requires we have this agreement signed and in place prior to our taking over leasing and management of your property.

If the property is in rent ready condition we can get your property listed, photos taken, listed on the internet, sign and lockbox placed and on the market the same day we visit the property.

If you are an out of state owner we can handle all of this without you having to make a special trip to the property. We would like to meet all of our owners personally but that is not always practical for the owner. As long as we have access to the property, we can handle the rest from here.

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Getting Started Resources

  1. What to do to get started with Key Locations Property Management?
  2. What else do we need from you in order to begin managing your property?
  3. What else needs to be done to the property to prepare it for lease?

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